Advantages of De Graaf Systems

The main advantages of having an aftermarket De Graaf Systems on your car are better sound increased power and better looks.

The wide majority of the De Graaf aftermarket exhaust systems for factory style designed mufflers are made out of mild steel and stainless steel. This type of steel provides for an exhaust that is stronger and more heat resistant, while the main advantages will be the price.

The cars feel more powerful, they sound infinitely better with than the stock exhaust, and they look fantastic. Other advantages of a De Graaf manufactured muffler is that since the exhaust provides for a more free flow of air through the systems, the engine encounters less resistance and generates more horsepower.

On some products, we offer aftermarket Stainless Steel exhaust systems, which are usually polished to a high and reflective shine and believe that an aftermarket exhaust enhances the look of your car. As with any cosmetic upgrade to a car, your tastes are the final maker as to whether or not it looks goods.