On some products we offer aftermarket Stainless Steel exhaust systems, which are usually polished to a high and reflective shine and believe that an aftermarket exhaust enhances the look of your car. As with any cosmetic upgrade to a car, your tastes are the final maker as to whether or not it looks goods.  Stainless is so durable, most exhausts made from it, will be a better choice because it maintains an extra measure of durability at weld points and through the bends.

When we made the decision to manufacture our own stainless steel exhaust systems for the aftermarket, our goal was to build the best exhaust at the best price available anywhere. Our De Graaf Stainless Exhausts meet that goal. There are other stainless exhausts on the market, and while it seems new ones are popping up all over, we think you’ll find that the De Graaf Systems are a cut above the rest.